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Our Mission:

The small cost of increasing your chances of admission through our service becomes a large investment towards opening the door to your future.

We help students get the US university admission that they deserve. We do this by simplifying the admission process from start to finish, helping students select the right schools, quickly and accurately completing university applications, working between students and schools to fully complete the often complicated admission process, providing special conditional admission options (no TOEFL required) to those who need it, and by putting in any amount of extra effort and care that is required.

We offer several application assistance plans to meet every student's needs, quick and easy US school finder service, and custom plans designed to help students, parents, schools, and others with any aspect of the American university admission process.


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No TOEFL, No IELTS, No SAT Required Learn English and Get a Conditional Admission. No TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT scores are needed.
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Application Assistance Get Help Finding & Applying to US universities! Search, apply, and get admitted.
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Every service that we offer is supported by a 100% money back guarantee.

Apply Now! Students are now applying to American colleges for the fall 2013 semester and admission space is filling up fast. It's time to start your university search for USA schools!
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Why use our service? We can help you find American Universities most likely to admit you, help you increase your chances of being accepted, and get you admission decisions more quickly. We also have the resources to get you an acceptance even if you have no TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT scores. We have helped thousands of students without scores enter the USA with a "Conditional Admission" from our no-scores-required list of over 360 major universities.
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Why Use W.A.S. ?
Why Use Our Service?

About us: We have nearly 30 years of experience working with international students and international admission offices throughout America. Every one of our admissions advisers has actually worked within an international admissions office of a major US University. We have reviewed and evaluated many thousands of applications from students just like you. No other service is better prepared to help you apply and get admitted to USA colleges.

About W.A.S.
About Us
Still not sure? Many qualified international students are denied admission to American universities simply because they chose the wrong schools or because the application process can be so complicated and confusing. One mistake in the application process can prevent a student from obtaining a visa or the school may simply deny their admission. Many students learn the hard way that World Admission Services (W.A.S.) would have been the right choice to get them admitted.
Still Not Sure? Let's Talk About it...
Still Not Sure?

Please CONTACT US to talk about our services. We reply to email 7 days per week in English and in your native language!